Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Post 8: Malcolm Gladwell Reaction

After watching Malcolm Gladwell's lecture on spaghetti sauce, I understand much more about the market structure and how companies opperate. He talks about the different ways of using surveying to see how to find out what people really want, in this case, which spaghetti sauces people want. Many tactics are used including mass surveying and questioning about spaghetti sauces to a large sample population to get these results. The spaghetti sauce industry relates to the work we have been doing in class because it is an oligopoly. There are a limited number of large spaghetti sauce companies out there such as Ragu and Prego. Since the products and prices tend to be similar, they have to differentiate their products in a different way, like Ragu did when it introduced a line of chunky sauces. Gladwell is a genius at what he does and makes it very simple for others to understand the patterns that he sees. I will no doubtedly be watching any of his work that will come in the future.

 Malcolm Gladwell on Spaghetti Sauce

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