Thursday, January 20, 2011

Post 17: Business Cycle Charts

Graph 1:
Strengths:  Colors to represent different scenarios and arrows to represent patterns.

Weakensses:  No examples to relate to and very general terms.

Graph 2:

Strengths:  Pictures to show examples of situations and many terms to show the flow of the cycle.

Weaknesses:  Not in depth and does leave out some possible terms that could be useful.

Chart 3:
Strengths:  Color coated with terms and important points to show trends in the business cycle. The key is numbered and very easy to navigate. Also an unrelated strength is that it includes the colors of the Minnesota Vikings which is a big strength.

Weaknesses:  May be confusing between the two flows, some information could be mixed up if read incorrectly.

And the winner is.......


This chart is by far the best representation of the business cycle. Its color coding and easily accessible key make it both comprehensible and visually appealing. All major points along with other helpful information is included, yet not jumbled together. Yet the other charts have their own value, this one sets itself apart from the rest. This would be extremely helpful to use on the economics midterm. 

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