Sunday, January 23, 2011

Post 25

Part 1

One group of Americans that would love inflation would be fast food restaurant owners and workers. When there is a period of increased inflation, the average American's purchasing power is less than what it was before inflation. When your purchasing power is not as strong, you can not splurge on things as much such as expensive dinners or luxurious activities. Fast food is a cheeper alternative than going to an expensive restaurant. These owners will actually be more profitable in a time of inflation.


3 Groups of Americans Facing Poverty:

1.  Native Americans
2.  Mentally Ill
3.  Inner City Minorities

The best group of Americans to donate money to would be the Native Americans. For us to have built the great and powerful nation that is now the United States of America, we had to relocate the native Americans. Since being relocated, the native Americans have always lived in impoverished conditions. They are some of the poorest people in the country and could no doubt use aid. Northern Students should donate money to one of the many native American reservations to help them live a more enjoyable life. Either direct aid or money to help send some of their children to college would help them greatly.

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